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Class Act Dallas is dedicated to bringing the highest artistic and professional standards to the regional acting community. Many of our members are top-booking actors in a number of markets, and virtually all respected talent agents in the area have been in our studio, attending CAD events, Studio Shows, observing and even participating as actors in our sessions. We also collaborate with a number of esteemed guest directors.

This is a workshop where actors really work. In Class Act sessions you will perform numerous times with various partners in an inspiring, energetic and collegial environment. We learn more about acting by doing it, for the joy of doing it. We make discoveries together, trying things out, taking chances, repeating a scene until we get it right. We stress a creative naturalism that will enrich all areas of your acting.

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We offer a comprehensive program that produces confident, versatile actors. Workshop members explore and practice film and TV scenes, commercials, industrial spokesperson copy, improvisation, and challenging work from classic and contemporary playwrights. We also stress strong cold-reading skills and professional habits that will help you excel in the casting room and creative projects.

We prepare you for the actual conditions of the set. The workshop leader is a working actor and filmmaker who knows the production process from the casting room to the editing bay. Scenes are shot with a Canon HD camera, professional lights, and Rode NTG2 directional boom microphone. Actors can download scenes from our computer system for home review. See our "Performance" page for full-coverage, professionally edited showcase scenes and taped studio scenes.

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This is a workshop that cares about your career. CAD members have the privilege of free professionally taped auditions (which range in cost from 30.00 to 60.00 elsewhere). We encourage actors to come by and explore "sides" for upcoming auditions at any session, and the workshop leader does not charge for private coaching or consultation. We regularly showcase and recommend dedicated actors to our agent colleagues. Click here for industry reviews of the CAD Studio Shows.

Class Act Dallas is a professional ensemble. Our actors regularly collaborate and provide references for one another. CAD actors have appeared in two SAG film projects for Heavenly Muse Productions and made up the majority of the cast in a recent critically praised theatrical production of Autobahn by the Heavenly Muse Players.

Daniel Foster About Daniel Foster

Daniel Foster, the group leader of Class Act Dallas, is also a participating actor in the sessions. Daniel has appeared in commercials, industrial films, plays, and independent features. He has been a principal actor in national campaigns for such advertisers as Bloom, Larkin-Meeder, and McCann-Erikson.

He is a founder and producing partner for Heavenly Muse Productions LLC. He is the writer and director of the films Fried and Keats Makes Love and produced and directed the critically praised Southwestern debut of Neil LaBute's Autobahn at WaterTower Theatre's Out of the Loop Festival. Daniel is represented by Linda McAlister Talent in Texas and Joseph Chavez of Moxie Agency in Louisiana.

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