Daniel Foster
maria olivas
Daniel Foster is the true definition of "auteur." He acts, writes, directs, produces, creates and executes. His acting style is my favorite - unpredictable - you sit on the edge of your seat, never knowing what is going to happen I never know what is next for Mr. Foster, but I always know I'm going to be interested!
- Del Shores

Daniel is a wonderful, dedicated acting coach and his student retention is a reflection of that...many of them working with him for YEARS! He guides them, they trust him and together they make magic happen!

- Kina Bale
Casting Director, Cast-O-Matic

Danny, you are simply beyond one of my dear friends in this neurotic business. Not a day goes by that I don't count my blessings for having found your studio.

- Joseph Chavez
Moxie Agency

Thank you dearly for inviting me into your class. I truly had a blast! Nothing like being surrounded by such great talent and others in the biz that are as passionate about the craft as you are. Many blessings to you my friend. Keep doing what you're doing and "thank you" for having a platform for these actors to grow and shine!

- Danette Linicomn
The Linicomn Agency

Linda McAlister, Daniel Foster, Brenda Strong, and Glenn Morshower
Linda McAlister, Daniel Foster, Brenda Strong, and Glenn Morshower. maria zsohar

Thank you for what you do, Daniel! Staying tuned!
- Linda McAlister
Linda McAlister Talent

Really good to keep in touch with you and your dynamic studio in Dallas. Watched the clip from Keats. Very impressive production values and dramatic performance. Looking forward to the entire movie. Keep on Truckin'

- Jeffrey Nightbyrd
Acclaim Talent

Cassie Shea Watson and Daniel Foster in HMP's Autobahn, WaterTower Theatre
Cassie Shea Watson and Daniel Foster in HMP's Autobahn, WaterTower Theatre. maria olivas


Congratulations and thanks for the awesome reviews... I really enjoyed the show. I'm so glad I was able to fit it in. I am not able to see them all, so it was great that my schedule allowed me to see yours. LaBute is tough and I thought you handled him very well. It's always a temptation to telegraph the twists that are coming up much earlier than necessary. It works so much better when you play against the twist until the very last minute. I was impressed that you got that and negotiated them so well. I was also thrilled to see so many faces that I had never seen before. Really good actors all. I hope that they are all local and not solely dedicated to film, because I would love to see them at WTT auditions in the future!

- Terry Martin
Artistic Director, WaterTower Theatre