Glenn Morshower   If you are a Texas actor, this is the place to be.

Do you know how often we give the exact same note? You have an excellent eye, D.

Glenn Morshower
Stone-Manners (L.A, NY), Linda McAlister Talent (Texas)
Good Night Good Luck, Transformers, Black Hawk Down, X-Men

Rachel Loera   It is a friendly, collaborative, and sincere environment for actors to grow and develop. The amount of time put into each and every session by Daniel Foster shows a true commitment and a tremendous passion for the art. Class Act Dallas will strengthen, stretch, and empower all who attend. But wait, there's more. You will undoubtedly leave his workshop surrounded by a family of friends.

Thank you, not just for the time and energy that you put into my audition, but for your commitment to creating excellent work, whether it be in a workshop scene, an audition, or the real movie deal.

I know I would not be where I am today had it not been for the workshop and the awesome and supportive members in it.

Rachel Loera
Linda McAlister Talent, Acclaim Talent
Prison Break (Teresa Delgado), Racing For Time (Alex Pena)

Joseph Chavez   Class Act Dallas is the epitome of successful training for today's actor! Without a doubt I would feel comfortable submitting [for casting directors] any talent capable of handling the pressures of acting for such a talented professional filmmaker as Daniel Foster.

Daniel's passion for his fellow actors/students is truly a humbling experience, as it is a strong indication of the amount of hard work and real-life training it takes to succeed in the entertainment business.

I thank Daniel yesterday, today, and every day forward for making my life as an agent just a tad easier for training tomorrow's leading actors!

Joseph Chavez
ICM Los Angeles, Dreamworks Animation, The Clutts Agency, Dallas

Cassie Shea Watson   The level of work done by actors at Class Act Dallas is consistantly at a higher caliber than at other workshops I've attended. The workshop is well organized, the studio is top notch, and multiple weekly sessions make scheduling convenient. The quality of material provided in each session allows me to hone my skills as well as to stretch and grow as an actor. I am thankful to be a part of a group of people who are not only dedicated actors and filmmakers but good friends.

Cassie Shea Watson
The Horne Agency, Acclaim Talent
Sordid Lives: The Series, Tekken, Feast II, The Deep End,
America's Most Wanted, Julia X 3D

Crystal Mantecon   Daniel pays close attention to each student to decipher strengths and weaknesses. Then he helps his student fine-tune strengths and diminish weaknesses. I have vastly improved my cold-reading technique since I began attending the workshop. I believe that this is an essential place for any Dallas working actor. A class act!

Crystal Mantecon
Diverse Talent, L.A.
Prison Break (Sister Mary Francis), Tree Of Life

Gerardo Davila   I remember joining Class Act Dallas years ago and witnessing first-hand a passionate artist leading a group of hungry actors all embracing the same love for our craft. Since then, I've become one of the busiest Latino working actors in Texas, consistently booking work in major motion pictures, network television shows, national commercials and industrials. Class Act Dallas challenges you each and every session with scenes from film, television, and theatre, with commercials, industrials and improvisation, all the while enhancing the cold-reading skills which are essential in this business. Class Act Dallas allows you the opportunity to take risks that will enable you to grow tremendously as an actor and a human being. Daniel emphasizes the need for repetitions which truly result in your becoming a creative natural actor. I thank Daniel Foster and the gifted actors of Class Act Dallas for being amazing individuals who live and love what acting is.

Gerardo Davila
Linda McAlister Talent, Landrum Arts LA, T Coet Talent, Cast Images Talent
Lone Star, Prison Break, Friday Night Lights, Super, Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives

Alicia Underwood   The actors are wonderful. I have made friends with very professional, committed beings. I like to see how committed they are, and in return, I feel led to uphold that as well. Daniel puts a lot of time, effort and commitment into this studio. I appreciate that he lets me come in and read my lines for any movie audition I have. It usually doesn't matter what night or how busy it is. He always is willing to give me direction and suggestions. I memorize my lines quicker due to the amount of scene practice I do in the studio. I understand scripts more easily and quickly than when I first began.

Looking back, I have become a totally different actress and woman. I was very shy and fearful of taking any risks. Now I am more open around others and not as afraid to take risks in a scene or in my daily life. I always feel like I am incomplete for the week if I miss a weekly acting session.

Alicia Underwood
The Clutts Agency
Moon Ring, Silhouette, MovieParodyNetwork

Krishna Smitha   Class Act Dallas is a home, a safe haven for the true artist. When I step into a session, I get excited by what I am going to see, experience, and do. Daniel is as dedicated as they come. He pushes us to be better, he demands that we accept nothing short of 100% from ourselves, and he is always willing to help us in whatever our efforts may be. I can't count the number of hours Daniel has spent with me work-shopping sides or monologues for an audition in and out of class, at no extra charge. And his feedback is honest, clear, and, most importantly, right on - that work-shopping has helped me in booking so many more jobs.

Class Act Dallas has been such an invaluable professional resource. But beyond that, the fellowship of actors in this group is amazing. We support and trust each other. I feel so lucky to be among such generous actors each week. Thank you, Daniel, for all that you do and for this ensemble that you've assembled.

Krishna Smitha
The Horne Agency

James Lentzsch   Class Act Dallas has had a great impact on my acting career. The ensemble has brought my acting to the naturalism that we all strive for as film actors. Working up to three scenes a week, I've gotten the repetition and practice needed to prepare me for the crazy pace of professional sets, and my training in the workshop has resulted in bookings for major motion pictures and network television shows. The CAD ensemble is so warm and inviting. There is no sense of competition, only collaboration and camaraderie, which is the quality of Class Act Dallas that I hold in the highest regard. The quality of the acting is such that I have cast a lot of my own film projects straight out of our ensemble. I feel confident and comfortable knowing I have some of the best actors in the Southwest working on my projects and critiquing my work. Thank you, Class Act Dallas.

James Lentzsch
Linda McAlister Talent, Landrum Arts LA
The Deep End, Super, Split (director), The Good Guys

Brina Palencia   I hated auditioning before joining Class Act Dallas. I had spent six years exclusively voice acting but always wanted to act on camera. I was so uncomfortable in a film setting, but since I've been in Class Act Dallas my confidence has increased exponentially. The cold readings we do in class have given me the self-assurance to walk fearlessly into any audition. I can honestly say that I love to audition now. Not only has my confidence increased, but my drive and passion have increased as well. As a result, my call-back and booking rates have doubled. It is impossible to come out of a session with Class Act Dallas and not feel incredibly driven and motivated. Not only does Daniel help you identify your strengths, he helps you identify your weaknesses and challenges you to overcome them. I will forever be grateful to Daniel Foster and the actors of Class Act Dallas for their encouragement and support.

Brina Palencia
Mary Collins Agency
The Good Guys, GameStop TV, High Schooler's Guide To College Parties, Do Quit Your Day Job, Throwing Stones

Edward Andrion   When I leave the gym after an exhausting workout, I feel productive but still hungry for the next time. When you leave Daniel's class it's the same way. You feel tired, challenged emotionally, physically, and mentally, but you have an insatiable urge to get back. Visit his workshop and you'll see the meaning of dedication, compassion for his students, commitment to his craft, and a pursuit of excellence. I proudly list Daniel Foster and his Class Act Dallas workshop on my resume.

Edward Andrion
Core Talent
The Deep End, Home Depot (national), My Generation

Kim Foster   Class Act Dallas truly is a second home. Not only do you walk in and nourish your artistic needs as an actor, but you also receive a great amount of love and support as a human being. Daniel puts everything he has into making each scene a cinematic performance, no matter what the scene is from or how advanced the actor is. This second home is encouraging, comfortable, supportive, and something we all look forward to creating in every week. The actors in this workshop become your best friends and family. Everyone helps everyone - members help you with upcoming auditions or tapings, memorizing scenes to be taped in the studio, or even just listen to you if you need someone to listen. This is the only workshop where you get to do cold-reading, improvisation, memorized scenes, exercises from all the great acting methods and schools, and all in the same session!

I can truly say that if it wasn't for Daniel Foster and Class Act Dallas, I would not be an actor today. I have started, learned and grown in this workshop and it has made me not only the actor that I am but also the woman that I am.

Kim Foster
Linda McAlister Talent
The Good Guys, Strangers and Aliens, The Highschooler's Guide to College Parties, Earthling, Keats Makes Love

Gene Gallerano   I have met few teachers as personally invested in their art as Daniel Foster. Class Act Dallas has been a blessing and a driving force in my artistic arch as an actor. I moved to New York, and have not found any classes that are as warm, open, affordable, intense, honest, and fully dedicated to the artist and the actor as Daniel Foster's Class Act Dallas. I hope to find a group of people half as hard working and dedicated as those of Class Act Dallas in New York. If Jimi never picked up a ukulele, rock and roll would never have been the same. If Daniel Foster never picked up a script, the world of the actor would have been at the ultimate disadvantage.

Gene Gallerano
Atlas Talent Agency, Sullivan Talent Group (New York)
Fried, The Talk Man, War in Paramus (Off-Broadway), Law and Order

Tanasha Friar   Daniel is so passionate! Being part of Class Act Dallas has influenced me in various ways: the fellowship and genuine support of the other CAD actors has been heartfelt; the growth, strength, and confidence that is inside continues to blossom through the creativity of this ensemble; also, the "don't stop," "don't give up," "I expect one hundred percent" Daniel Foster keeps me focused and on track.

This eye/intuition/gift/talent that Daniel possesses is evident when you see the actors grow in confidence and discovery of themselves. Thank you, Daniel, for your dedication and thank you for seeing not only my talent, but the talent of the rest of our ensemble and "pushing" us to strive to be Great! You are truly unique!

Tanasha Friar
Linda McAlister Talent

Larry LeMaster   A working actor's workout. I've studied with some of Dallas' top film and commercial coaches and I come out of Daniel's workshop feeling that I really exercised my acting chops. His teaching skills, knowledge, and high energy are hard to beat in the Dallas market.

Larry LeMaster
Linda McAlister Talent

Heather Okun   Class Act Dallas has been an amazing source of inspiration and creativity for me. The workshop goes beyond learning on-camera techniques. Actors are encouraged to look within themselves and their scene partners to find the truth behind a scene. There's no settling for just "good enough" - each scene is treated with the respect it deserves - to be a potential living, breathing work of art.

Heather Okun
Core Talent, Acclaim Talent

Miguel Garcia   Class Act Dallas, under your direction, has been a launching pad for me in my career and in my life. It has been the place where I have not only been able to give support but also receive the greatest support in my artistic endeavor. You lead by example, showing up to all of our performances and shows, teaching us how important it is to be there for our fellow actors.

You are responsible for building a true ensemble, and everyone in it has contributed to any and all the success I have had. And let us not forget you are the only workshop leader in Dallas-Fort Worth who is still a working actor, writer and director. I appreciate the care with which you train each actor and the time you spend to cultivate, nurture and push each one of us to reaching our "max" with a huge range of scenes, cold reading, improvisation, etc. I know that without the love in our studio from the ensemble I would never have grown into an actor worthy of being on network TV, and now a filmmaker, writer and producer myself. Class Act is life without the boring parts, and it will always be a part of me. Onward and upward, my friend. Viva la cauza.

Miguel Garcia
Linda McAlister Talent
Prison Break, The Good Guys, Chase

Rebekah Kilpatrick   None of the parts that I have read for or taped were remotely similar, and all the varied roles I have the opportunity to try in our workshop really pay off. Daniel is a great help in finding the "more interesting" choice in my scripts. And wonderful actors always stay after sessions to help me tape auditions, investing their time to help me in my career.

I've been in several acting classes in the last eight years, but none has ever pushed my limits like Class Act Dallas has, and none has ever provided a support group of people who genuinely care about whether or not a fellow actor is going to succeed. That kind of giving attitude is the best part of Class Act. No where else have peers been so supportive of each other's careers!

Rebekah Kilpatrick
Core Talent

Selase Botchway   It's not just a workshop - it's a way to live. That's real!

Selase Botchway
Linda McAlister Talent

Maria Zsohar   You are so attentive to each of us. I am impressed by how you choose scenes and partners for me based on what you think my strengths are, as well as areas in which I need to work. I love that in one class, I get commercial, industrial, film, theatre and improvisation work. I really appreciate how you select scenes from a variety of works. You have introduced me to so many pieces and authors that I would never have found on my own. You have pushed me to challenge myself, shun mediocrity, and embrace truth and passion, both in my acting and in life. I am so grateful for the time and energy you invest in me, as an actor and as a friend.

Maria Zsohar
Four Out Of Five Doctors Improv Troupe

Doug Cunningham   There's no sitting around in this workshop. You're constantly working and growing. I've been in the business a while, and this is one of the best.

Doug Cunningham
Core Talent

Danielle Replogle   Daniel Foster offers a direct and honest approach in his coaching. He is sincere, caring and truly passionate about this industry. Daniel pushes actors to reach their individual potential and goals. He has created a wonderful environment for actors to feel safe to be creative and vulnerable. Daniel takes time with each actor after every scene to give feedback and direction. His insight into the world of acting is truly inspiring and motivating. He makes you want to be a great actor as well as a better human being.

Danielle Replogle
The Clutts Agency

Hiram Gonzalez   I can honestly say that joining Class Act Dallas was, by far, the best decision I have made as an actor. I have learned so much, not only from Daniel, but also from every actor that is in class. It has been a true blessing to be around such loving and dedicated individuals who are passionate about their craft.

Hiram Gonzalez
Angel City, Los Angeles

Deborah Jones   Daniel is very passionate about his art. He is very detailed and directs all of his actors to reach excellence. It has been an inspiration to work with some of the best actors who believe in their dreams. I consider it a privilege to be a part of Class Act Dallas.

Deborah Jones
Linda McAlister Talent, Acclaim Talent